Want to know what are the benefits of group learning? Come, see the explanation here! Group learning activities give benefits that can be felt by each member individually. These benefits include various aspects, from increasing cognitive abilities to productivity. With frequent group study, you will be easier to understand the lesson.

The five points below are a small part of the benefits of group learning 

1. Help you get a new perspective

When studying alone, you only see one material or problem from your perspective. When studying groups, you can get a different perspective from others. This can make your mind more open to finding alternatives to the same problem.

2. Develop critical thinking skills

Critical thinking skills are widely promoted in this digital age. These skills are considered very important to face the present and future.

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In school, one way that can stimulate critical thinking skills in group learning activities. With this activity, you will be trained to accept other people’s perspectives and respond according to your understanding.

3. Stimulate active learning

Group study usually requires you to conduct a question-answer or discussion. For those of you who are usually passive, group learning can train you to be more active when having direct discussions with friends.

4. Improve the ability to interact and socialize

The next benefit of group learning is to improve your social abilities. Studying together in a group requires interaction between one member and another. This has a positive influence on your ability to socialize and cooperate with others.

5. Develop various types of soft skills

No less important, group learning will help you develop various types of soft skills. These skills include the ability to solve problems, negotiate, collaborate, and resolve conflicts that might occur.

Those are several benefits that can get when you and your friends are involved in group learning activities.