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Vaping & Electronic Cigarettes: A Guide Are e-cigarettes actually safer than smoking? Yes, various experts have stated that e-cigarettes are, as far as they know, are much safer to a person’s health than classic cigarettes. Smoking has been associated with and considered as the cause of a ton of various health problems experienced by users and those around them. One way to lessen the health risks a person is exposed to is to put down tobacco and start using e-cigarettes. Is nicotine all that dangerous?
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The real problem with nicotine is that it’s highly addictive, it’s not the direct cause of any smoking-related disease despite popular belief. Actually, people say that you can overdose on nicotine when you use e-cigarettes for a certain period of time, this is actually a misconception. Users out there, you’re in no danger of poisoning yourself with e-cigarettes, there have been no recorded cases of nicotine overdose caused by inhalation of the e-liquid; the e-liquid is the nicotine infused fluid that the e-cigarette vaporises. So basically, users can freely go on with their e-cigarette use without fear for their health; it’s up to you if you want to use the e-cigarettes to help the nicotine withdrawal urges or you just want to use it.
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Do e-cigarette explode or give off harmful chemicals? There have been a handful of researches which show that the vapour an e-cigarette omits can contain chemicals which has the potential to harm a user’s health. But keep in mind that these tests were conducted in artificial conditions and the proper use of high quality e-cigarettes expose the users to fewer chemicals; when we said proper use we meant to not overheat the e-cigarette, there will always be fewer chemicals present in the smoke from e-cigarettes when compared to the smoke from tobacco. The overheated e-liquid in an e-cigarette produces an unpleasant and even horrid taste, you’ll immediately know when it start overheating. Are there any threats to a person’s health when the smoke and vape? There has not been a study or reported case where smoking tobacco alongside using e-cigarettes has caused serious health problems when compared to only smoking tobacco; since e-cigarettes are healthier for the user, vaping while smoking tobacco doesn’t mean it doubles the amount you smoke. Obviously, one of the greatest health goals is when a person stops smoking altogether, it’s seen as the best health contributor for a smoker so people are encouraged to stop smoking. Some people can permanently switch to the use of e-cigarettes from tobacco in just a snap of the fingers and there are those who might need a little bit more time to get used to it. Users may need to try a handful of various e-cigarettes and even e-liquids before settling on the perfect one to help them forget about smoking tobacco, this is quite normal.