It’s a topic that receives a lot of coverage these days.

IT managers and HR managers are always looking for new team members to join their growing company.

Where to outsource to?

It’s a valid question and something that I have researched extensively.

The purpose of this post is to shed light on where you should outsource to if you’re a European IT company looking for options.

Should you outsource to South East Asia, Eastern Europe or South America, there are many options and alternatives.

I have done a lot of research into East Europe, Bulgaria specifically. And what I have found is both impressive and wonderful all at the same time.

Bulgaria offers unique advantages for outsourcing of SEO Marketing services:

  • Bulgaria has a great reputation in the world of science and education. This special country ranks 5th in the world of sciences and 11th in the world of mathematics (Worldbank and the Economist ranking).
  • Bulgaria was ranked as the eight country globally, and third in Europe, in the “Global IT IQ Report” with 8,844 certified IT professionals.
  • 5,500 students graduate each year from university level IT education. Bulgarian students ranked 2nd in the world in SAT scores.
  • Attractive geographical location – easy to reach from all of Europe.
  • Time difference of +/-2 hours within Europe.
  • EU membership since 2007.
  • English level – most IT professionals have conversation level knowledge of English.


The beneficial conditions for outsourcing to a country like Bulgaria have been identified by many International IT companies. They have expanded their local reach into the Bulgarian department significantly during the last 12 years. This includes giants of tech like HP (5,000 people), CSC (600 people), SAP Labs (500 people) and VMware (300 people) just to mention a few companies.

Is Bulgaria the most attractive IT outsourcing destination in Europe?

I don’t know.

I invite you to try it yourself.

Recent outsourcing trends

In the course of the most recent years, the whole IT business in Bulgaria has expanded profoundly in terms of its capabilities. Considering the fast and stable advancement for Outsourcing to Bulgaria, the country can be seen as one of the best outsourcing destinations in a worldwide perspective.

In the past, it has been a country of agriculture, metallurgy, production of goods and chemicals were the center of Bulgaria’s industry, nowadays they have been greatly replaced by the service economy, for example, marketing, IT and telecommunication offers.

According to research by AT Kearney who has looked at the top 12

offshore service locations has place Bulgaria on the 9th position.

The research was based on 25 metrics across three classe.

First one was business environment.

The second category was financial attractiveness…

and finally, individual skill-set and accessibility… It’s close.


The large IT giants have already entered into the space, so it can be considered safe to outsource or hire in Bulgaria.