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What You Should Know About Hurricane Shutters

If you live in an area where hurricanes occasionally roll through, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to protect your home and windows against flying debris and damaging winds. There are various ways you can protect your windows but the most effective and recommended option is installing the right hurricane shutters. You can choose different types of shutters for effective protection against devastating winds and debris flown around by hurricane winds. Shutters are a popular option due to their strength, affordability and versatility. Here are some things you should keep in mind about hurricane shutters.

It’s important to understand that hurricane shutters should never be substituted with plywood. The level of protection that plywood provides on windows cannot be compared to hurricane shutters. Shutters are specifically designed to withstand very strong winds and meet current design and strength codes required by particular states that experience hurricanes. Although many people still use plywood as a last-minute solution for storm protection, it shouldn’t be a permanent solution. For people who live in areas most prone to hurricanes, investing in the best hurricane shutters is the best option.

There are different types of hurricane shutters. The most popular options are roll-down shutters, storm panels, Bahama shutters and accordion shutters. Roll-down shutters are a permanent installation on windows and are a great option for added security, shade from the sun and offer all-year hurricane protection. Accordion shutters also require permanent installation and are very easy to use with simple rolling across a track. For temporary installation, storm panels are the best due to their affordability and clear design for a better view. For those that want shutters that can enhance the style of their home, Bahamas shutters are a permanent solution for protection. Your choice depends on your needs.

It’s important to also make sure that your hurricane shutters are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. The fact that hurricane shutters act as the first line of defense against storm damage on your home means you should always make sure that they are working as expected. Whether you have installed permanent or temporary hurricane shutters, you should have them inspected by a certified professional annually, especially before the hurricane season starts. If you identify any problems with your shutters such as cracks or broken motors, get them fixed immediately. Regular opening and closing of installed shutters will help you know if they are working properly. Some warm water and mild soap is enough for cleaning your window shutters.

To buy the best hurricane shutters, search for the most established companies specializing in storm protection in your area. While some people opt for DIY installation of hurricane shutters, it’s highly advisable to hire an experienced professional for the initial installation. Professional work comes with guarantees that completed installations are reliable and can be relied on for hurricane protection. An expert will also provide a warranty for their work giving you peace of mind. By hiring the right professional, you will get help choosing the best hurricane shutters and get the best installation and maintenance services.
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