Whether you’re in the midst of a terrible career or looking for something that’s more exciting, know that it’s possible to pursue your dream career. However, it takes some intention, planning and determination. If your dream is one that will take years to accomplish, don’t allow this fact to discourage you. Remember that the time will pass anyway. You might as well use that time to be productive toward accomplishing your dreams. In order to pursue your dream career, consider the following steps.

1.Consider the investments.

Always consider the costs. You don’t want to make a major commitment that you can’t afford. Take note of whether you’ll need to work in your current position or take a side job until you can take the leap into the next step. It’s never fun to be broke. If you have to make some budget cuts, it’s always best to plan for them. If you’ll need to take out loans, make sure that you can feasibly pay them back within a specific time frame.

  1. Find mentors.

It’s good to have mentors that you can follow. While everyone has their own journey, it’s really helpful to take notes from the blueprints of others. If you’d like to pursue a career as a park expert witness, it might be good to start attending conferences and programs where professionals within the amusement park industry gather.

  1. Set up a plan.

If you’d like to go to med school, sit down and get a good understanding of the timeline. You’ll want to know how long the journey is before you get started. Take residency and other opportunities into account. When you fail to make a plan, this is a plan to fail.

  1. Do the work.

While the initial steps are really important, nothing beats getting the work done. Whether you have to study for the GRE or send out resumes for internships, put your head down to get the work done. Make sure that you spend focused time every single day to work. Eliminate all of the potential distractions. Don’t look to the right or left. Find your work rhythms so that you can effectively get it all done.