Sales Jobs Bangkok is the right choice for those who have the knowledge, quality and ability to compete in this field. Some skills that must be possessed by salespeople can be trained and learned through practice, flight hours, and experience.

Success is not innate, but the fruit of hard work. If you want to become a successful sales force, it’s better to learn these mandatory abilities:

1. Be observant about prospects

Finding the right sales prospects is like mining gold. You must understand the difference between ordinary gravel and gold ore.

As a salesperson, you must learn to identify prospects. This has become an important skill to have in a very competitive sales competition. Of course you will waste time if you devote all your energy and efforts into prospects that do not produce. Not all prospects can be converted into sales, so you need a sharp eye, the right time, and a deep understanding to find it. When you are used to doing the above, your sales intuition will be sharper.

2. Good at building relationships

Communication is very important in the sales industry, but it is not the only way to introduce a product or make a sales presentation. Even more important is building connections, where skills are needed to build good relationships. The good relationship at issue is not just the lip service that many sales do. There seems to be no sincerity in these pleasantries, so you have to build sincere connections and relationships.

Show them that you care, understand their problem, and you only want to help them solve the problem by offering a solution. If you do this, you will gain the trust of potential clients and the possibility of making a sale.

3. Ask smartly

Remember, smart questions produce good answers – and sales. Here’s the reason:

You must understand that you are not just selling a product. In a broader scope, you also provide services, create solutions, and solve problems. But before you can provide a solution, you must be able to identify the problem first. The only way to find a problem is to ask the right thing.

Like doctors who diagnose patients, you must be systematic and accurate. The best sales professionals can identify the needs of prospective clients and sometimes, through intelligent questions, they can even create needs for prospective customers. To ask questions intelligently, you must be able to break words into useful, relevant, and specific questions to get the right answer. When you get the answers you need, you can offer your product or service as a solution to their problem.

4. Be a good listener

Being able to listen well is a skill that must be possessed by a salesperson. In fact, this expertise can improve sales force performance. But unfortunately, listening well is the least developed skill among sales professionals. Being a good listener and building relationships are complementary skills to be able to understand the thoughts and opinions of potential clients. It also helps you show that you care and care about their problems.

There are times when your potential client provides important information in a conversation, which you might miss because you didn’t pay attention. If this happens, you will lose an important opportunity to respond quickly. Listening to the best helps you when choosing clients for potential customers and when responding to rejections.

5. Deal with difficult rejections

As a salesperson, of course you understand that there will be many rejections when you try to sell. What distinguishes experienced sales from beginners is the ability to deal with the rejection of potential customers.

According to Daryl Spreiter of Salesforce, rejection cannot be avoided, but that should not be seen as an opportunity that is forever closed. The key is understanding why potential clients refuse. You have to find out about this if you want to sell successfully. Spreiter also states that rejection arises due to several different factors, such as lack of knowledge, problems of perception, and others. You must be able to develop your own methods for dealing with resistance by paying attention to client complaints and their reasons.

6. Solid time management

Talking about time management is easy, even though time management needs to be done and sometimes needs to be done. Time management is not just about making sales plans in advance or picking up meetings with clients. Required time management, adaptability, and great discipline.

Not infrequently sales fall between tasks outside the schedule. The biggest challenge in time management is the biggest challenge outside the plan. When the questions asked arise and ask for immediate action, you must know to deal with them with limited time without discussing the plans you have drawn up.