In this era, we are required to be able to develop in line with the international world. As parents, it is appropriate to choose the best school for children.

International schools are schools that promote global-based education, with an international curriculum that is different from the curriculum of the country where the school is located. Here are the aspects that exist in international schools:

1. Curriculum

The curriculum used in international schools refers to international curricula, such as the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) and International Baccalaureate (IB). To implement this curriculum, schools must obtain official certification from the relevant institutions. Besides, the teacher in this international school has many qualifications. Moreover, the teachers and existing facilities here is match with the international standards.

2. Introductory Language

As the name implies, the language of instruction used by international schools is English. Not only that, but there is also a school that uses Mandarin and German. Teachers in international schools are mostly native speakers who can help children fluent in foreign languages ​​correctly and adequately.

3. Subjects

Lessons taught in international schools are fewer than public schools in general. They focus on mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, Mandarin, and several elective subjects, so that the discussion of the material in more depth. Not only that, students here are required to have character and able to prepare the future

4. Facilities

Facilities at international schools are complete. They have air-conditioned classrooms, an entire library collection, sports facilities, a food court class canteen at the mall, and multimedia learning. Some international school provides nap facilities to maintain student health.

To choose an international school, you must also consider fees and different values ​​in the school, which may not be appropriate. You can choose St. Andrews International School.

St Andrews international School is an international primary school for students aged 2-11 years. This school using a British International curriculum along with a safe, pleasant, and friendly environment. Located in Sathorn, Bangkok, the focus of this school is to build good character and teach skills to prepare students for a bright future.

St. Andrews International School has beautiful buildings. The classrooms have comfortable and have good lighting. This school also has a 25 meters swimming pool, air-conditioned canteen, two air-conditioned halls for performing arts and physical activity, an IT Suite, a cooking room, a music room, and a complete library.