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6 Traits of Great Political Leaders in South Africa

Unfortunately, most people vote for candidates who vie with the political parties that they support. As a result, not many people give consideration to the fact that the person under consideration may not have the traits needed for the job. A select few individuals, on the other hand, base their selections on the qualities or characteristics of the politicians. Here are 6 leadership qualities that a good government leader must possess at all times.

Promises are the hallmarks of any political campaign period. So, ensure to keep a keen eye to distinguish between promises that are idealistic and realistic in nature. Failure to observe this rule will leave the electorate with unfulfilled promises, years after the election is over. The ability of a political candidate to keep his or her word is a rare trait but it forms the foundation of all other qualities.

Though differences of opinion are present at all times, a good leader appreciates that fact and tries to find a middle ground at all times. Since people come from differing backgrounds and have varying influencers, there will always be someone who holds a dissimilar opinion. As a result, all legitimate democracies will always have opposition parties and personalities. The good thing about differing opinions is that people are introduced to new ways of looking at things, and that is what leads to the choice of the best alternatives that are before them.

Voters everywhere are looking for honest leaders because the trait is a rare one. The worst part is that most politicians are looking for approval, meaning that they will say anything to please the public. A good leader, however, will tell the truth, regardless of how that information may hurt his or her election.

Only a handful of officials in the government are independent. The reason is that a majority of the characters in office are just doing the bidding of foreign nations or powerful businesspersons in their jurisdictions. The independence of a leader is evident from the source of the campaign funding and the ideals that the candidate is championing in his or her proposed policies.

Very few people, especially those in government are willing to take responsibility for their wrongs. The result is a game of endless finger-pointing that leads to stagnation because it is difficult to identify the starting point of the problem. Great leaders will even resign from their positions to pave the way for independent inquiries into the matters under discussion.

Selflessness is a critical leadership trait. Sadly, many of the persons who venture into politics do so for selfish reasons that range from the need to carry out their illegal business activities uninterrupted or to get lucrative government contracts. The worst of them are those who cling to power by making alterations to the current legislation so that the new rules can allow them to extend their political terms.

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