It’s time to design your porch floor tiles as the best you can. One element that can make it look beautiful and magnificent is the ceramic for the porch floor.

What do you think of the magnificent porch ceramic installation?

Classic elegant in black

keramik teras rumah hitam dan abu-abu pada rumah dengan batu bata ekspos

The black color is very recommended because it can create an elegant impression. Therefore, the application of black porch ceramics like this is a must-try. If the square porch tiles look boring, why not vary the size and shape like the three rectangles above? 

Symmetrical Ceramic in The Porch

keramik teras rumah pola bintang biru dan putih

Next, there is a ceramic porch that has a symmetrical pattern. In every corner, the tile has is a diamond shape. When viewed from above, it looks very symmetrical and beautiful. The combination of light blue and white makes the terrace of the house brighter, suitable for a relaxed atmosphere in the afternoon.

keramik teras rumah pola kubus hitam biru dan putih

 Other symmetrical porch ceramic models can be in the form of thick lines with an angle of 90 degrees. At first glance, it looks like a triangular and rhombus motif but with a modern touch. The combination of light blue, dark blue, and white makes it look more dynamic.

An illusion game using 3D effects

keramik teras rumah ilusi kotak hitam dan putih dengan efek 3d

Who says 3D effects only apply to images and videos? You can make 3D effects on the porch of the house if you want—for example, ceramic porch with the cubic motif to create the illusion to the eye. Anyone who visits this terrace would feel like they are looking at a pile of cubes.

Natural impression with tiles from clay

keramik teras rumah dari ubin tanah liat

For traditionally styled porch, nothing is more appropriate than clay tiles as a surface coating of the floor. The color of the brownish clay makes the terrace atmosphere warmer. Anyone who visits your house would feel warmly welcomed.

Those are the six examples of ceramic porch installation for your reference. To make it look more attractive, you can buy ceramics at Amber Tiles. Amber Tiles provides various types of floor tiles, ranging from outdoor floor tiles, Stone floor tiles, limestone floor tiles, and also patterned floor tiles at affordable prices. For more information about Amber Tiles, you can visit