There are many demanding jobs in the UK, especially jobs that require physical presence. Many employed British adults often experience stress related to the work they do. There are many opinions on such jobs on BritainReviews. If it were easy to switch professions, many British adults wrote that they would without much ado.

Many people get into stressful jobs because they don’t know what they should know about those jobs before they apply. They know basic skills required but the stress wasn’t considered. Reading job finder UK websites reviews show that some demanding jobs are the biggest source of stress. They are unquantifiable with financial, relationship or family stress.

This is why many people have moved to remote work. This doesn’t mean that remote work are less stressful. Every job has its perks and its disadvantages. The fundamental cause of work stress is the workload and long working hours.

The below are the top 5 most demanding jobs in 2021:

1.  Welfare Professional:

A welfare professional includes youth workers, rehabilitation officers, adoption counsellors, family caseworkers, etc. These are the people that work in public sectors like public administration, education, health, etc. The basic stress and the demanding nature of the job are due to the long working hours. There is also the pressure of responsibility which is coupled with chronic underfunding and understaffing. Work in the welfare sector is quite tough as it is almost around the clock job.

2.  Teacher:

In many countries of the world, the teaching profession is one of the toughest professions. It is the same in the UK. Many teachers take sick leave because of the accumulation of stress from their jobs. Many teachers work with pupils who have poor behaviour and weak academic reception abilities. They also work for long hours with high workloads that don’t ease their pressures. There are also cases of management bullying, all of which compounds the mental stress they go through.

3.  Healthcare Professional:

These people experience much of the highest level of stress. It is much worse for midwives and nurses, as they work for long hours with limited pay. The healthcare professional must often be available for emergency needs. Which means that even when they are on leave or in bed with their family, an emergency call could bring them to the hospital.  Many NHS and other public sector workers tend to experience extreme stress from overwork.

4.  Telephone Operator:

These people sit on a desk and talk every day. Many people consider this a very easy job. However, the operators say otherwise. Sometimes, they work in offices where competition and pressure are stiff. This leads to adverse health effects.

5.  Mental Health Counsellor:

This job involves the treatment of people with mental and emotional disorders. Aside from the mental and emotional stress that could be heaved on such counsellors due to the tragic stories of people, the pressure of saving patients is more difficult. Although the schedule they work in could be favourable; it is difficult to keep up with patients especially as there is a rise in the number of mentally sick people.

There are many other jobs in this category. Some of them include law professionals, train drivers, taxi drivers, aircraft engineers, pilots, etc.