Tori Richards Clothing Giving Aloha Shirts a Fresh New Take

What is commonly known as a Hawaiian shirt, or the Aloha shirt, has been a fun counterpart to casual dress Fridays at the office or a vacation staple in the tourist’s suitcase for nearly three decades. Most people remember famous icons such as Elvis and Tom Selleck sporting these comfortable shirts and prefer to leave the shirt as a memory rather than add an Aloha shirt to their own wardrobe. In the last few years, tori richards clothing has been giving Aloha shirts a fresh new take and even have Hollywood superstars like George Clooney wearing them.

Historically, Aloha shirts were made from the inner bark of trees found on the Hawaiian islands. They were primarily made by island field workers that too great pride in painting designs on them with berries and nuts. The bark was sun bleached and made a wonderful blank canvas for the field workers to show their personalities and share their stories on their shirts. Through the years, the Hawaiian islands became known for the Aloha shirts and tourists loved the idea of what the shirts symbolized and the history behind it. And for a short time, the meaning and history of the Aloha shirt was lost and it came to symbolize the tourist.

Presently, Tori Richards has been able to put a fresh twist on Aloha shirt that the world has come to know. By offering a wide range of prints in a luxurious fabric, these shirts have become more popular and even a little bit of a status symbol. Instead of only being acceptable to wear on a tropical vacation, fashion forward men are sporting these updated Aloha shirts to sporting events, barbecues, and even out to dinner at restaurants. Depending on the print, they will look fantastic with shorts, jeans, khaki pants and even dress pants.

It’s time to make the move to a more comfortable wardrobe that can really express your personality. The prints can be as busy and loud or as subtle as you want so go ahead and pair it with your favorite pair of jeans or even with your dress pants for a nice dinner out.

What started out as desire to offer women a sophisticated and high quality swimming suit has morphed into a complete clothing line for men and women that is in most major department stores world wide.