Vegan-Friendly Foods are Now Available From Hampton Creek

Millions of people across the world cannot or will not consume any foods that include the use of animal products. This is often due to a personal choice to be a vegan, but it is often linked to dietary restrictions or allergies. For these people, finding acceptable substitutes for food can be a struggle. The brand Hampton Creek is seeking to change this reality and make all-vegetable food products a common trend in for retail and commercial settings.

The lack of animal-free food products is an issue for a large portion of the population. Many people adhere to a strict vegetarian or vegan diet that excludes the use of meat or other animal byproducts in their meals. This choice may be due to religion or personal beliefs, or it may be because people wish to eat a more healthy diet. In some cases, people must avoid animal products due to an allergy. Many children and adults suffer from dairy allergies, egg allergies or more. Eating these foods may lead to breathing problems, digestive issues or life-threatening situations, depending on the severity of the allergy. Anyone who abstains from eating animal products for any reason knows that finding alternative food products can be a challenge, at least in the past.

Hampton Creek is on a mission to provide all-vegetable foods that avoid the use of eggs, butter, milk and all other animal-based ingredients. They determined the best way to replace animal goods with a protein that was extracted from pea plants, and the result is a full line of delicious products that don’t use anything but plants in their creation. Not only are people able to enjoy spreads and dressings without any eggs, but they can also try pastries, breakfast foods and more without fear. This is a great option for those dealing with the expensive and sub-par vegan products currently available.

Eating a strictly plant-based diet can be difficult when shopping for pre-made foods and condiments, but Hampton Creek is attempting to change that reality. Through a full products line of a variety of vegan-friendly products, the company is making it easier for people to avoid animal products and still enjoy tasty food options. The company hampton creek has a Fortune page for anyone who wants to follow their progress and stay on top of the latest news.