Working from home can be a liberating experience. However, working from home and being your own boss is the ultimate measure of freedom. Finding the right opportunity and steady pay can be challenging, but it is not impossible. In todays fast paced media based world, there is plenty of opportunity working with advertising companies, promoting content, and building a social media platform that can garner consumers and even catch the eye of major distributors. With some simple tips and tricks, in just six months it is possible to grow your social media platform to a level that is deserving of a payout. There are some requirements in order for you to be successful in this field.

You must have lots of followers, and they must be real. Plenty of people today buy their followers. This can look good on paper, but once a company delves into your schematics they will see a lack of legitimate interaction with people, and instead see the logarithms of online bots. Companies need the interactions online to be with real people in order to sell their product. All social media platforms have a threshold of how many people one can follow or unfollow in a day. Become familiar with your platforms guidelines, and utilize each day to do the most you can to garner a following. Follow people you think may have similar interests, utilize hashtags to find compatible accounts. Don’t forget to interact with these people as well, everyone loves to hear that chirp coming from a like or a follow on one of their accounts. These micro interactions will lead to others giving them back in a digital barter system. Another great way to gain new subscribers or followers is to hold contests for all those that follow you or like a post. Make sure to give out quality gifts so that your followers will have a legitimate reason to like a post! Try these Groupon Coupons for Raybans! These shades never go out of style and would make for a great contest piece on your account. Last tip is to stay consistent and persistent with this process, before you know it your account will be buzzing!