How To Handle Working At A Second Job?

For some people only one job is fine but for the really zealous people for whom there career is everything a second job is a must!

A second job doesn?t mean that you have to compromise on your family or your social circles. For people eyeing a second job BALANCE is the mantra. It is the only strategy. This can harm your social life and family life to a certain degree if you do not balance it well. You will very soon hear your family and friends complaining that you don’t give them time. This will be because of the poor balancing job that you have done. You are not able to give them time because you are just heading from one job to another!

Find the best possible second job. Try and get a part time job because 2 full time jobs are very difficult to manage. Part time jobs don?t tax you so much. So that is fine.

Do not work too many extra hours in any of your jobs. Give adequate time to both. Don?t overdo any of them. It is not profitable in any way. As an individual you need time to develop your skills. You need to relax. Without relaxation you will just be a machine that has no sleep and no rest. Don?t be a zombie!

Apply the extra money to achieve your goals. Maybe get an extra degree or a special training, or something that will boost your chances in the job market. This is a very wise career decision and will help you in the long run.

Protect your first job. Don?t let it go to waste. Remember that is always your priority. Your bread and butter come from your first job so you better protect it with your life. Your second job is always second on your priority list!

A second job always has its positive sides! It gives you the much needed financial freedom and security. It gives u an opportunity to develop new skills and get a wider prospect of things. To make this whole situation work you have choose a job that is unrelated to your first job. You should always consider why you are doing it.

Your purpose should be your main motivation! Your employers might demand a lot from you at times but never succumb to the pressure. Try and balance things between both of the workplaces. Always remember that you are a GO GETTER! Keep visualizing your goals and you will reach at the pinnacle of success! But to get there remember???BALANCE!!