If you’ve struggled to land a job after being laid off or after graduating, you’re not alone. Even if you have a job currently and you’ve felt stuck and unhappy there, you’re not alone – and while a job change might seem like the answer, it’s not often easy to uproot your life. If sending out resumes and waiting to hear from interviewers isn’t working, it’s time to change your approach. Fortunately, it’s easier to reinvigorate a stagnant job hunt than you might expect after weeks, months, or even years of disappointment.

Ask an Expert

Log on to a website with specialized career consulting from expert life coaches and get the guidance you need at any stage of the job hunt. Whether you’re completely unsure what type of job to look for, you’re passionate about something but you can’t figure out how to translate that into a marketable skill, or you know what you’re looking for but you aren’t having luck attracting employers, the right experts can reexamine everything you think you know about finding a job and help you figure out what to change.

Look at the Long-Term Plan

For many, happiness in a stable and well-paying job isn’t as easy as sending out a few resumes and nailing an interview. Your expert guide will help you develop a long-term plan to achieving that goal that starts with breaking it down into smaller, achievable goals that you can accomplish much more quickly. This may include going back to school to earn a different and/or advanced degree, earning experience on the job, or finding a job you can stand for the next few years that will lead to networking connections that will eventually pay off big for you.

Expanding Your Search

The right expert will also help you make some bigger decisions that impact your job hunt and your life as a whole, namely, if you’ll find a job you like in another part of the country or even the world – or if you should switch industries completely. Moving or switching career paths takes more drive and initiative than the typical job hunt, but the right expert will help you achieve the goal much more quickly than you otherwise would have on your own.

When you’ve found the right expert willing to lend an ear and help you not just find the right solution, but work through that process to get to that solution, don’t limit yourself to job advice alone. There are experts available for anything you can think of – parenting, romance, gardening, repairing cars – to help you spend less time and money accomplishing your goals.