Hiring new employees is a significant action for a company, as it could spell doom for them or promote the company. Besides, it is costly and time-consuming. As such, human resource personnelensures it is properly done. Here are the qualities they look for during the recruitment process:

Languages spoken

The world is a global village today and most companies want to reach out to people from all over the world. With the Internet, it has become even easier as you could sell to and buy from companies in other companies without a physical presence. Hence, human resource personnel look out for people that can speak more languages than just the English language. Hence, knowing how to speak other languages apart from English can increase your chances of getting a job. You can read a list of online language schools reviews on US-Reviews if you want to learn a new language.


Successful people are mostly those who are passionate about what they do. If an employee is not enthusiastic about the job they hope to get, there is no way they can contribute to the advancement of the company. The enthusiasm and passion of potential hires should shine through during the interview.

Those who love the job will stay for a longer period than those who are just looking to get a paycheck. Human resource personnel look for traits of commitment in resumes and use this to determine the long-term potential. For instance, a candidate that has multiple certifications indicate a long-term potential and a personal drive to succeed in the job.


A company must hire people of strong character. Beyond the knowledge and skills, a person possesses, human resource personnel checks to see if he has the strength of character required to succeed on the job. For instance, a candidate whose manner of speech and action will put him at loggerheads with others is not a good fit, no matter his expertise. Such a candidate is not a great team player. Also, when things are not as rosy in the beginning, only people of character will remain committed to succeeding in the job. Those who are not will simply walk away.

Honesty and integrity

Hiring managers also look for honesty and integrity during the recruitment process, especially if the candidate is applying for a sensitive position. For instance, someone who will be in charge of the finances of the house must be truthful, or else, such a person can be involved in embezzlement or mismanagement of company funds. Honest candidates will state the fact as it is, they are confident and rest assured in their abilities. They take credit for their work while recognizing the efforts of others.

Ability to produce results

Candidates must speak in detail about their past during the interview. Hires must be able to produce results and not just be part of the statistics in a company. Scaling a company is easier when people with track records of solid results and success are hired. Potential hires should be allowed to boast about their past successes and share how far they have gone with their career goals.

Ability to put skills to action

It is advised you require potential hires to work on a task to illustrate their set of skills. This helps the hiring manager to better understand a candidate and pick the right fit for the job. The hiring manager also looks out for candidates that can maintain their composure while using their skills. Such individuals can be trusted to work well and get solid results even in not-too-favorable situations.