What are parents need to do in order to choose the right school for children? That is recognizing the child’s character. After understanding the character of children, all you have to do is be careful in choosing the right school and suitable for our children

Almost all schools today claim to be excellent with a variety of byname such as model schools, favorite schools, and so on. But the fact is that once our child registered, they get a troublemaker name or refuses to go to school.

Therefore, it is better for you to send your child to the International School Bangkok, so you are not confused and caught up in competition for school promotion, .

Wells International School is truly a superior school and will certainly make your children truly be the best ones. Make sure to choose Wells International School which has a clear and precise school concept.

Of course, parents hope that the chosen school truly able to develop children’s competence optimally. In the following, the author tries to provide tips on how to find the ideal or appropriate school for children.

Involve children when choosing school.

When parents have made a choice of which school is, make a voluntary agreement with the child that the school to be entered is also be their choice. Thus the child will feel proud because he was given the opportunity to do the important thing. On the other hand, children will be more responsible to think of school they entered is their own choice.

Find out the vision and mission.

Many experts reminded me about the importance of the educational vision and mission aspects of a school. Schools that have good quality certainly have clear, measurable and realistic vision and mission. To be able to know the desired school’s vision and mission, it can be seen in the profile book, brochure, billboard or publication media used by the school. From the vision and mission presented, it can be seen how the orientation of the objectives and the output profile that will be generated.

Tuition fees.

Perhaps for some people, this factor is the most important consideration in deciding which school to choose, especially for people who are economically lower middle class. The tuition fees withdrawn by the schools generally consist of monthly fees, development/building assistance, uniforms, books, practicum, and extracurricular activities. Schools that are considered a favorite, superior or plus will usually also put up inexpensive tuition fees.

This relates to learning facilities and superior programs offered. But keep in mind that, the high tuition fees  implemented by schools should also be followed by quality education services. Therefore, before making a choice of school, parents are expected to be able to measure their ability economically about thetuition fees that must be spent including other budgets outside the school program, such as money pocket, transportation, school supplies, and others.